Thunder Residence

The owner of this 1½ – storey Portland home enjoyed using the upper floor as the master bedroom, but was inconvenienced by the fact that the only bathroom was on the main floor. In 2011, DMS redesigned the upper floor to be a true master suite by adding a dormer over a low roofed attic space, which provided the area for a spacious master bath. Featuring beautiful tile work and custom cabinets, the bath is connected to the sleeping area by a pair of French doors. This allows the bedroom to visually expand to the bath, and beyond to the back yard garden thru new windows over a built in bench/storage cabinet, dramatically improving the quality of light and space on the upper floor.

DMS also added a new covered porch to the front of the house and redesigned the roof over the entry, enhancing the street presence of the home, and providing a front yard space where the owner can interact with neighbors and passersby. The porch was carefully designed to provide adequate space for use while maintaining daylight access to the living room.

Photos courtesy of Mountainwood Homes.